'We Have Before Us The Opportunity To Forge, For Ourselves And For Future Generations, A New World Order. A World Where The Rule Of Law, Not The Law Of The Jungle, Governs The Conduct Of Nations(...)'

George Bush 

10 April 2020
It is our great pleasure to inform that the place at the front of Setheist takes Wioleta „Kestrella” Kowalczyk. This means we can be seen on stage again and the
30 November 2019
We wish to inform y'all that our show at Bloodstock Festival was the last one we played with our singer Maksymina Kuzianik. Due to much divergence on musical ground it
30 November 2019
Our new song "Giallo" is already out on YouTube. Audio: Heinrich House Studio Video: Bloodstock Festival BOA 2019 New Blood Stage https://youtu.be/cjeB0NCreXE
08 November 2019
On 11.08.2019 we were happy to perform on New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air in Great Britain. This whole trip was a great adventure and an unforgetable experience for