'We Have Before Us The Opportunity To Forge, For Ourselves And For Future Generations, A New World Order. A World Where The Rule Of Law, Not The Law Of The Jungle, Governs The Conduct Of Nations(...)'

George Bush 

25 February 2018
Setheist is proud to announce that on 22.03.2018 the band's going to take part in the preliminaries to biggest show dedicated strictly to female fronted metal - Female Fronted Event
25 February 2018
For Your eyes only! We added some new pics to our gallery, You can see Setheist in action. This time it's the Rockowani Fest in Czech Republic and Wild Fest
25 February 2018
Setheist is working hard during the last days of 2017. We have just come back from Cracow, where we shared the stage with Exlibris and Chainsaw. In December You will
25 February 2018
It was HELL of a show at Woodstock this year. Thunder, lightning (quite frightening) and rain - weather had no mercy on us, but we also showed none - thanks