Maksymina " Maxi" Kuzianik - Vocals

One can say music is in her veins as members of her family deal with it for generations. Maxi sang even before she learnt to speak. Now easily uses various vocal styles ranging from smooth clasical singing to heavy metal screaming. She also performs backingvocals in heavy metal band Exlibris with whom in 2014 she recorded LP Aftereal and since then has appeared on stage numerous times for instance supporting Def Lepard and during “The night of Burning” - Afterealrelease performance which is about to be out on DVD. Her duties at Sehteist apart from singing is all the management stuff.

She adores Sceptic Flesh beyond all words and her vocal mentor is Floor Jansen. Moreover she isa student of interior architecture and is learning the art of tatooing.


25 February 2018