25 February 2018

His interest in playing metal started in 1990 that means in ancient times :-). A co-founder of one of Lublin's first deathmetal bands Sannyasin with whom he played many gigs alongside such 1990's stars as Kat, Vader or Pandemonium. They also had their time at famous Jarocin Festival in 1993. After the band split up in 1997 Dlugi had an almost 10 year break from playing untilin 2006 he co-founded another black-death group „Enthymion” where the members' work resulted in recording „Arcana of Apocalypse” LP in 2007 released by More Hate Productions two years later. In the same year „Dlugi” joined Setheist.


Tomasz "Długi" Krawczyk - Drums